Hail the karting kid

LAPPING THE COMPETITION: Caleb Odendaal set a new record in the 50cc Bambino class at the East London Grand Prix Circuit recently Picture:SUPPLIED

At the tender age of six, Caleb Odendaal has achieved what many people who are far older than him have failed to accomplish after being crowned the 2018 Border Karting champion.

Recently, Odendaal showed off his skills by achieving the 50cc Bambino class lap record at the East London Grand Prix Circuit, in a time of 46.996.

Laren Odendaal, Caleb’s father, Laren, said he realised his son was gifted at karting the moment he did his first lap at the age of five.

“The sport can be dangerous, but Caleb is equipped with the necessary skills, and I trust his ability,” he said.

The passionate Caleb is in a kart almost every weekend – and sometimes during the week – when testing motors and doing set-ups in the kart with his father.

“He is currently training for an upcoming competition that will take place this weekend in Port Elizabeth ta the National Rotax Karting Circuit.

“I believe this sport offers a lot to children as they need to be disciplined and show good sportsmanship towards one another. It also opens opportunities for them in the motor industry in terms of a career,” Laren said.


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