Residents demand BCM mayor tackle corruption

Buffalo City Municipality brought their Budget Roadshow to King William’s Town on Monday where over 2,000 residents from the surrounding wards crowded into a tent at the Victoria Grounds to listen to BCM mayor Xola Phakathi and share their grievances.

HEAR US OUT: BCM executive mayor Xola Phakathi addresses residents of King William’s Town during the BCM Budget Roadshow on Monday Picture: THEMBELA NDLUMBINI

King William’s Town councillor Amanda Mute said the purpose behind the roadshow was to allow the municipality to share their progress made with residents.

The event got off to a rocky start when members of the crowd forced their way towards a table serving food and began to hoard as much as they could into plastic bags.
Law enforcement eventually had to be called on to intervene.

Once that was dealt with, the roadshow continued as planned.

One of the biggest complaints from residents was the conduct of ward 41 councillor Sindiswa Skepe. The GO! & Express previously reported that Skepe faced accusations from many in the community of mishandling funds and handing out jobs to friends and relatives.

“I know you choose your friends for tenders and after that, you receive envelopes with money and drinks,” Zwelitsha resident Buntu Dikana said at the recent ward 41 service delivery report.

According to allegations by SA Communist Party (SACP) member Sindiswe Nqata, Skepe had been consistently abusive towards residents.

“She is always swearing and insulting people instead of communicating with ward committees and the community,” said Nqata.

Another complaint brought to the mayor’s attention during the road show was alleged pervasive corruption within the municipality.

“We are appealing to the mayor and other top officials to intervene and perform a full investigation into accusations of corruption. We want all the people who are involved to be prosecuted and, if found guilty, to be sent to jail,” said one resident who asked to remain anonymous.


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