DA to help Fynbos temporary settlement

DA EC premier campaign spokesperson for basic services Kevin Mileham, accompanied by DA Team One SA spokesperson for secure borders Jacques Julius, recently conducted an oversight inspection of the Fynbos temporary accommodation site outside of East London.

NO PRIVACY: Toilets in the Fynbos temporary accommodation site lack doors and often overflow into the street

Residents are currently living in two-bedroom temporary houses, known colloquially as “fridges” because of how cold they get during winter.

“The temporary arrangement was supposed to last no longer than six months, but some residents have been in Fynbos for over more than seven years,” Mileham said.

The buildings have no running water or toilets and provide little ventilation or natural light.

They are also built close together, creating a claustrophobic atmosphere.

“The toilet facilities [14 toilets servicing hundreds of residents] are frequently out of operation and flood the shelters in the immediate vicinity with raw sewage,” Mileham said.

“None of the toilets have doors, which results in residents opting to use buckets in their shelters and disposing of the waste in the veld across the road.”

He said the DA undertook to raise the matter in parliament and aims to pressurise Buffalo City Municipality to prioritise proper housing for citizens.

“It is unacceptable that 25 years after the dawn of democracy, South Africans are still forced into these type kinds of camps and then forgotten.”


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