Gear up for world’s toughest horse race

WILD RIDE: Race the Wild Coast will put riders to the ultimate test

The third iteration of Race the Wild Coast (RTWC) – billed as the toughest horse race in the world – will be starting on October 19 and is now open for registration.

The event is limited-access only with and only 20 riders will be allowed to take part.

The 350km ride sees participants travel on horseback from Port Edward to Kei Mouth over a period of four to five days. Each participant will ride three horses over the course of the race, with each horse covering on average of 50km per day.

In addition, there will be 12 scheduled veterinary checks every 29km to ensure the well-being of the horses.

According to race organiser and 2017 Mongol Derby winner Barry Armitage, RTWC is sure to prove a challenge to experienced riders.

“RTWC is a complex multi-stage race in which riders must brave this challenging wilderness and swim rivers while keeping horses fit for vet checks. It is no doubt the ultimate test of endurance and horsemanship for any long-distance rider,” Armitage said.

The race has achieved international acclaim and attracts talent from as far as the United Arab Emirates, Guatemala, and the UK.

USA race veteran Stevie Murray said that the race is one of the toughest he’s ever competed in.

“When you’ve done the Mongol Derby [1,000km race through the Mongolian steppe in China and world’s longest horse race], you get to thinking that nothing will ever compare with that again. I was wrong.

“RTWC is far more technically and physically far more challenging and the hectic, but breathtaking terrain has no comparison. I have never experienced such remote and enchanting beauty in all my life,” Murray added.

Armitage warned would-be participants that the RTWC is not something that should be done lightly.

“Being physically fit is essential. There are some brutal hills on this ride and some of the river crossings are daunting, so being confident in water is a must.

“With around six major rivers that require deep water swims, and the expectation of rain, conditions will test riders’ skills each step of the way,” he said.

To enter, contact Barry Armitage on 083-393-5007 or e-mail

For more information, visit


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