High tea serves up R60,000 for home


OVER THE RAINBOW: Berea Gardens Retirement Foundation residents had a lot of fun at their high tea fundraiser

Berea Gardens Retirement Foundation’s hall was decked in rainbow colours, with balloons floating from the ceiling, tables covered with different kinds of delicious food and the residents dressed to the nines for their high tea fundraising event on Saturday.

The foundation managed to raise about approximately R60,000.

Berea Gardens executive director Mike Schulze said the foundation had grown significantly since its establishment opening and now had five complexes accommodating more than and accommodates over 700 residents. Berea Gardens was founded in 1974 with a vision to provide a safe environment for retired people.

It was started by Quigney pharmacist Richard Mogg after he noticed many a lot of his customers lived were living in poor conditions and could not afford any better.better places to stay.

“The aim of the fundraiser is to generate funds for the service centre, the life-blood of the foundation as it sometimes runs at a deficit.

“Since 2012, our subsidy was reduced drastically by the department of social development,” Schulze said.

“These kind of events play a huge part in being able to keep the service centre open.”

The centre also subsidises mid-day meals for people who are less fortunate, a clinic that operates on-site, and visits from a home-based carer – “all funded out of pocket”.
All of this is funded out of pocket.

“We have auctions, some are silent auctions and the others are normal auctions, with all the funds going to our service centre,” Schulze said.

He said they normally held had have one big fundraiser annually, two bazaars, and other ongoing fund-raising events, such as charity shops and tuckshops.


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