Government warns of water woes ahead

The department of water and sanitation (DWS) is warning Eastern Cape residents not to become complacent with regards to saving water.

Despite heavy rains raising provincial dam levels from 62.8% to 63.2%, the department said in a recent statement that “recent rainfalls does [sic] not suggest that the water challenges are over”.

“As we are fast-approaching the winter season, the shortage of water remains a great worry for the government,” the department said.

Residents are urged to continue using water sparingly and to keep a close watch on their water consumption.

“The recent rains, which caused damages estimated to billions of rands in KwaZulu-Natal and several neighbouring African states are, on the one hand, welcomed as they bring relief in certain areas.

“But, on the other hand, they brought hardship to some people because of the destruction they have caused.”

South Africa was subjected to torrential rain a few weeks ago which saw mass flooding in many areas such as Durban and Port Saint Johns. Morgan Bay on the Wild Coast received more than 300ml of rain in 62-hours, causing the lagoon to break its banks and almost washing away Yellowwood Forest.

The EC provincial government has dedicated R1.2bn so far to local municipalities to assist in drought relief efforts and water conservation.


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