Pink Fairy initiative kicks off with “infinity calendar”

Mike Webb, also known as the Pink Fairy, has launched the 2019 Pink Fairy Initiative and is encouraging residents and businesses to get involved.

As part of the initiative, Webb has launched an “infinity calendar” – a calendar with no days of the week listed so that it can be used in any year.

Each month has a special colouring-in picture representing a rescued and adopted/rehabilitated animal from the King William’s Town SPCA. The picture comes with a story describing the animal’s rescue.

“The idea of the calendar came to me on a run, as all good ideas do, and I am hoping that the public will continue to support our SPCA and purchase these [calendars] for themselves, their children and grandchildren,” said Webb.

He also encouraged businesses to buy calendar in bulk to present as presents for staff.

“We have had 500 printed and would dearly love to sell them all before the Comrades Marathon on June 9,” Webb said.

Calendars are R100 each. They are on sale from the King William’s Town SPCA, Buffalo Toyota, and Webb will be dropping off copies to businesses around King.

For more information, contact Webb at 084-597-8254.

INFINITY INITIATIVE: Mike Webb is encouraging locals to get involved with the Pink Fairy Initiative and purchase an infinity calendar


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