Standing up for children’s rights

CHILDREN’S RIGHTS: Mbulelo Plaatjie held a three day demonstration in Beacon Bay, East London to highlight National Child Protection Week. Picture: AMANDA NANO

East London resident Mbulelo Plaatjie, an East London local, has held a three-day, one-man demonstration this week to highlight children’s rights as National Children’s Protection Week continues until June 4.

Plaatjie launched started a children’s rights campaign in March, called “Children’s Rights are Human Rights”.

“I have had a number of people stop and ask about the campaign and why I was there. I got the sense that they were happy for the knowledge,” Plaatjie said.

The demonstration is in line with the United Nations Conventions of on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) treaty, which celebrates its 30-year existence on November 20th.

The convention is a legally binding agreement that sets out the civic, political, economic, social and cultural rights of every child regardless of their race, religion or abilities.

“Some of those who that stopped by, had no knowledge of the rights treaty, convention, and it highlighted to me that there needs to be more awareness,” he said.

The UN stipulated that children’s right include the right to survival, development, protection and participation.

Plaatjie aims to educate and promote children’s rights by visiting schools, churches, youth clubs, local radio stations and also to hold street demonstrations.

He has also been the Eastern Cape chairperson for Childhood Cancer SA (CHOC) for two years.

“I had been volunteering with CHOC for four years where I saw how children are negatively impacted with no oncology healthcare in the former Transkei area, although this is now changing,” Plaatjie said.

He cited his involvement in CHOC as a strong inspiration to form this children’s right campaign.

Plaatjie can be contacted on 072-510-9338 or


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