Cyclists converge on Great Kei Trek

The second annual Great Kei Trek (GKT) took place recently with over 200 people participating. Cyclists from all over the world, including the USA, Australia, and the UK, arrived to take part in the three-day mountain bike race.

The GKT started outside of Queenstown and ended 240km later in Morgan Bay.

Event organiser Rob Jackson said he was pleased that such an event could happen in the Eastern Cape.

“We were really proud to bring something new to the mountain biking calendar, particularly in one of the most beautiful areas of our country. Many of the areas have not been seen before – that is the real beauty and appeal of this event,” he said.

For those who weren’t up for a full three days of hard riding, there were other options available. A 78km Farmer’s Ride was organised starting in Komga on the final day which ended on the Morgan Bay cliffs. A Mini Kei Trek was also available for younger riders which only covered 40km.

“We could not have selected a more beautiful area than the spectacular seaside cliffs of Morgan Bay to finish our ride,” said Jackson.

The first GKT took place in 2018 with only 70 participants.


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