Lack of state funding ‘cripples fight against gender-based violence’

Insufficient funding, late payments by the social development department and poor infrastructure are among the issues faced by women’s shelters. 
Image: 123RF/olegdudko

A lack of government funding for shelters is halting the fight against gender-based violence in SA.

“We are not just talking about gender-based violence. We’re talking about femicide, we’re talking about rape. We’re talking about women who will run to a shelter with multiple stab wounds that would require more medical attention and a longer stay in the shelter.

“So, really, the funding is not enough at all,” Commission for Gender Equality (CGE) acting chairperson Tamara Mathebula said on Monday.

Mathebula was speaking during a media briefing at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, where the CGE released an investigative report into the state of shelters in SA.

CGE commissioner Nthabiseng Moleko added: “Women found in shelters usually stay in abusive relationships because, primarily, they are dependent on the perpetrators. They stay in these dysfunctional relationships and their lives are at risk.”

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