Hands-on approach to autism

Autism South Africa is holding hosting a five-day workshop, called Hands On Autism, which started on Monday in Cambridge, East London.

The workshop aims at educating members of the public about the various factors and symptoms of autism in pupils. learners.

“We work from the premise that we need to always presume competence with autistic learners pupils and during the five days, participants will sit through both theory and practical sessions,” said Autism SA national education facilitator Vicky Lamb.

Hands On Autism was originally created by Claire Allen, Tam Bennett, and Reinette Lombard, who collectively have more than 20 years hands-on experience in dealing with autism.

The organisation course has since been updated and revised by Claire Allen and Vicky Lamba.

Lamba said the main purpose behind the event is to get people to better understand autism in both an educational and therapy settings. in order to allow for educators and therapists to be able to support autistic learners and adults.

“This is the first time the new five-day workshop is being presented – we previously held three-day workshops.” in East London beforehand,” she said.

The topics covered in the workshop include: typical development, the autism spectrum, legal framework and policies in South African education, curriculums in SA and different techniques for working with an autistic pupil. learner.

For more information, contact Autism SA at 011-484-9909 or admin@autismsouthafrica.org. Alternatively, visit www.aut2know.co.za.


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