Road warriors get set for epic Washie 100

STRIDING HOME: Evette Watson took first spot in the women’s section of the Washie 100 Miler from Cathcart to East London. Picture: SUPPLIED

An ultra marathon known as the The Washie 100 ultra marathon will hold its have its epic 43rd edition to start 5pm on July 12, starting at 5pm at the Cathcart Golf Club and drawing to a close at the Buffalo Sports Club (Buffs) in East London.

Washie convenor, Meta Scott said there would will be a 35km loop just outside of Cathcart. which there will be limited stationary, seconding stops permitted.

“The checkpoints will not be exact to the kilometre allocated but allocated as follows – one quarter near Stone Ridge turn off, half entering Stutterheim at Engineering Works and three-quarters at Mimosa Park.

“Cycling seconds must ride behind, not alongside, and must be well-lit without having a light blinding oncoming traffic.

“No person may use, for any reason, the Washie 100 Miler logo”, Scott said.
Entries The entries close on July 9 and registration will take place on July 12 at the Cathcart Country Club at 1pm.

All competitors are expected to finish the race at Buffs at 7pm.

Scott said prizes would be awarded, including indicated there will be prizes a handmade Washie trophy and tracksuit tops for the novices. and Novice will receive tracksuit tops.

Permanent numbers will be awarded for completion of five journeys or three overall victories, together with a Washie tracksuit top.

“All participants must be 20 years older and be defined as an amateur under ASA rules.

“Safety is a priority, runners and vehicles need to be made as visible as possible with reflective clothing, lights, flashing lights [amber or white only] and reflective tape,” she said.

Runners will be disqualified and removed from course for breach of rules”, she said.Entries The entries close on July 9 and registration will take place on July 12 at the Cathcart Country Club at 1pm.

The entry fees are: Entry fee are: novice-R825, previous finisher R700 and late entries will pay add an extra R200.


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