Shameless copycat has its charm

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then The Kirlian Frequency is a downright Casanova.

The mini-series doesn’t so much as borrow inspiration from the popular long-running podcast Welcome to Nightvale, as it cribs it wholesale.

Smooth-talking radio presenter? Check. Set in a small town? Check. Focus on creepy supernatural events in said small town? Check. Colour scheme consisting mostly of black silhouettes against purple? Check, check, tip the waitress.

It is comically fascinating just how shameless Kirlian Frequency is and admittedly I found this their its confidence almost charming.

And I won’t lie, the short episodes (about 10 minutes each), combined with simple animations and the campfire- horror style of storytelling kept me interested enough to keep watching.

It’s a shame that the series is so derivative since the idea for the show was first proposed back in 2009, three years before Nightvale.

If it had tried a little harder to find its own unique look instead of relying so heavily on another more successful show, then it probably could have been great.

Instead, it’s just just an occasionally and interesting knock-off.


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