Good Samaritans warm body and soul with soup kitchen

SPIRIT OF UBUNTU: Good Samaritans soup kitchen coordinator Lucinda ‘Aunt Snowy’ Thompson serves some hearty soup to the hungry as part of a new soup kitchen

The community of Breidbach is proud to have a newly established soup kitchen which will provide relief to so many hungry tummies, especially those of the children.

The Good Samaritans soup kitchen is the brainchild of Lucinda Thompson, better known as Aunt Snowy, along with her husband Lorenzo and neighbour Brendon Gysman.

The kitchen will be serving food to children every Wednesday afternoon from starting from 1pm during school holidays and 2:30pm. when schools reopen.

“The kids are got dependent on of to the food handed they were given out at their schools’ nutrition programme because to some it was the only meal they would have enjoy for the entire day,” Lorenzo said.

“With this initiative we are striving to bring more relief to children, especially the needy ones, but our primarily goal is to alleviate poverty in as many ways as if possible in the future.”

Upon arriving during a recent opening, the GO! & Express saw children running from all directions over towards the kitchen staff with containers to fill – sometimes even pushing each other aside.

They were later joined by adults who were also were fed.

Community member Oswald Arends watched as the children received meals and was blown away by the initiative taken by the Thompson family.

“This is something very positive, especially in this area where unemployment, crime and poverty is the order of the day. I have to commend everyone involved on a job well done,” Arends said.


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