Narrow two-second win for Hejana in Trevor Klose

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The annual Trevor Klose 10km Race took place on last Sunday morning, hosted by the East London Athletics Club in Cambridge.

A closely contested men’s race was won by Luthando Hejana of Old Mutual Athletics Club (Omac) by just a mere two seconds over runner-up Vusi Zondo.

Malixole Kalideni came in third place, maintaining the spot from 2018.

It was, however, a different ball game in the women’s section as Stephanie Smith of Massmart came in first in place at 40:52:00.

Tara Schwulst of Born to Run came in second place at 42:28:00, quicker than her 43:09:00 in 2018.

Andrea Ranger came in third place at 42:35:00. slower than her 2018 time.

The results are as follows:


1. Luthando Hejana (Omac-EL) – 33:21:00

2. Vusi Zondo (individual) – 33:23:00

3. Malixole Kalideni (Old Selbornians) – 34:11:00


1. Stephanie Smith (Massmart) – 40:52:00

2. Tara Schwulst (Born 2 Run) – 42:28:00

3. Andrea Ranger (Born 2 Run) – 42:35:00


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