Event to tackle depression in young women

East London NGO Bumb’INGOMSO will be hosting “Unmasking the Face of Depression in Young Women” on Saturday August 31 at Cambridge Hall.

The event aims to empower young women and hopes to tackle the high levels of detected and undetected depression they face.

“Our #BeMore key messaging serves as an aspirational picture of where we would like to see young women. It is with the same messaging that we hope to empower and educate these young women about depression,” and how we help them,” said Small Projects Foundation communication officer Siphokazi Tyiwani.

The target audience is young women and girls from all tertiary institutions in Buffalo City Metro BCMM between 15 and 29 years of age.

“SA South Africa commemorates Women’s Month in August, this month, and it takes place against a backdrop of increased levels of violence and brutality against women and children in our society.

“The youth of 1976 identified their struggle and came together in an effort to ensure a better life for all and sent a clear message of what they were willing to fight for,” said Tyiwani.

She said in 2019, the women’s struggle was an invisible one and the results were mostly visible only when it was too late.

The South African Depression and Anxiety Group states that depression is found mostly in young females. who often present with various physical symptoms. This they attributed to the escalated levels of rape and social violence.

Most of these women were found to be suffering from an anxiety disorder as well as depression.

“Our programme’s key focus is creating real and eminent possibilities for the young women and girls in our metro through our multi-sectoral approach.

“One of our biggest challenges in our journey is creating good strategies and activities for our participants, but we struggle with very low numbers in terms of participation,” Tyiwani indicated.

“We believe that looking into the mental health of the youth will play a big role in ensuring that they have the capacity to take action and take ownership of their personal journeys.”

Other stakeholders involved in the project, include Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, Masibumbane Development Organisation, R.E.A.P, Masimanyane Women’s Support Centre and Beyond Zero.

The doors will open at 10am and the dress code for the event is “denim and doek”.


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