Flea market claims back park

COMING TOGETHER: Buffalo Flats community members gathered at the Ghostown Play Park to take part in the recent flea-market

The Ghost Town play park in Buffalo Flats has been known for being a neglected community park for many years, but on Saturday it was filled with local residents taking part in its the inaugural flea -market.

Market organiser Denzel Fuller said the purpose of the market was to revive the park, to bring the community closer together and to empower them community to take what they have and make a living out of it in a structured environment

“The turn-out was exceptionally good. Each of the stallholders made some money. for themselves and their families.

“Many stalls, especially food stalls, were sold out before the event officially ended,” he said. Fuller said.

Speaking to The GO!, Fuller said they are planning to contribute towards the park and improve its the facilities. within.

“I believe there is so much talent in our communities and they are looking for an outlet. or a discovery of their talents.

“The flea market is a way of showcasing what our people can do with their hands,” he said.

“I have seen children helping their parents at the stalls, which in turn transfers these skills so that our children would be are able to sustain themselves even during touch tough economic times.”


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