SA reacts to ‘struggling’ expats singing in Setswana in New Zealand

Unathi Nkanjeni

A 2010 video of South Africans who emigrated to New Zealand has re-emerged and has been making waves on social media.

In it‚ expat South Africans can be seen explaining their reasons for leaving the country and sharing their experiences in their new home.

Watch the video below:

Among those interviewed was former journalist Ryk Hattingh‚ who opened up a shoe-repair and key-cutting business.

Carole Venecourt used to work as a caterer‚ but the laws in New Zealand required her to have a separate kitchen to operate her business‚ so she closed to sell at markets.

She also became a bus driver and co-hosted a show on a community radio station‚ where she shared recipes.

Another group of women can be seen singing in Setswana‚ something social media users thought was hilarious.

Those who caught on to the video reacted. Here is a snapshot:




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