Cambridge location man blessed with gift of wheels

MOBILE MAGIC: PnA Stationers Penny the mascot, wheelchair recipient Maboyi Qogi and Frere Hospital occupational therapist, Lerato Sesanti. Picture: AMANDA NANO

Maboyi Qogi was delighted as he received the gift of wheels at the Page Group building on Tuesday.

This is the 19th wheelchair handover to take place, organised by the Sweethearts Foundation and PNA Stationers East London.

Originally from Mount Coke outside King William’s Town, Qogi said it was just an ordinary day for him in June 2016, talking to his friend at in Cambridge location when his life changed forever.

“I was on the far side of the road talking to my friend by his car. Another car came out of nowhere and hit me, dragging me for some distance. That is the last thing I remember before I woke up in hospital,” he said.

Qogi sustained a broken left leg and doctors cut his leg shorter because of the damage.

“I had steel rods inserted into my leg, but it was painful. They also then replaced the rods, and it took about six months to start healing.

“I was out of hospital and healing well, but then I had another accident where I fell and broke my hip in June 2018.” Qogi said.

While getting his hip fixed, his left leg was affected and he had a steel pin inserted in his knee.

“I was told it could not be fixed any further. However, I still get some oozing out of my knee, so it is still healing,” he said.

Qogi said his lower back causes him pain so he cannot sit upright for long periods of time.

Frere Hospital occupational therapist Lerato Sesanti said Qogi was on crutches for a while before they put his name forward for a wheelchair.

“Our side, the goal was to make sure he is independent and also educate him and those caring for him on how to use the wheelchair,” Sesanti said.

Supporting the SPAR Daily Dispatch Fun Run is PNA Stationers while beneficiaries, Sweetheart Foundation, will receive R10 from each entry.


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