Want to name and shame a sexual perpetrator? Not so fast

Warning bells ring as women shared pictures, handles and names of their alleged perpetrators on social media. 
Image: 123RF/georgejmclittle

As women across SA call out men they accuse of violating them, the law is clear: they could be sued.

Gender-based violence activists say the trend of women naming and shaming their alleged sexual harassers on social media is “progressive”, but legal experts have sounded the warning.

The brutal murder and rape of University of Cape Town student Uyinene Mrwetyana sparked outrage, with social media flooded with allegations of sexual abuse.

Under #AmInext? #MenAreTrash and #ShutDownSouthAfrica women have been anonymously calling out men they are accusing of violating them. This resulted in pages opened, a lot of women shared pictures, handles and names of their alleged perpetrators.

Some described the nature of their alleged assaults while others simply named the person.

Over the past few weeks SA has been reeling from stories of abuse and femicide.




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