Gatvol foreign shop owners take on ‘looters’ in Witbank [VIDEO]

Iavan Pijoos

Several shops were plundered and destroyed when violence broke out in Witbank‚ Mpumalanga‚ but some “looters” were caught and allegedly beaten by store owners.

Looters were captured in video footage making off with various items‚ including audio speakers‚ suitcases and bicycles on Wednesday.

In the footage‚ a shop owner can be seen allegedly grabbing a man‚ who slipped and fell‚ then delivering a sharp blow to his head with a flat hand.

Two other shop owners allegedly join in and beat up a second man. A police officer had to intervene and break up the scuffle.

Police spokesperson Brig Leonard Hlathi said three people were arrested for looting. Hlathi said police also recovered some of the stolen items.

“We also had a meeting with the shop owners and business people to try to put a plan in place. We are also going to do patrols.”

He said calm had been restored on Thursday.


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