DPW, forum take stand for women

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Department of public works employees were led by the Amathole Men’s Forum during a campaign against GBV

Leading the stand against gender- based violence (GBV), the department of public works (DPW) along with the Amathole Men’s Forum closed off Woman’s Month by holding a prayer session on Friday, and took to the streets of Amalinda to raise awareness about GBV.

Men’s Forum deputy chairperson Babini Ngxeke said one of the five strategic pillars of the forum was to create a climate of appropriate attitudes and sensitivity for gender equality advancement in the workplace.

“We want to encourage men within the department and community at large to respect and support women,” said Ngxeke.

He said the candlelight prayer and march followed the recent barbaric acts that are happening in SA.

“We decided to dedicate this day by hosting a candlelight service praying to God for the loss of our young girls who were cruelly killed by men. We are calling for an end of this blatant disregard of human life.” he said.

“We condemn the brutal killings, acts of violence, kidnapping and rape of women by men in this country. It is regrettable that even today there are men who see nothing wrong in senselessly killing women whom they are supposed to be protecting.”

Ngxeke said it was necessary for them to also take a stand against xenophobic attacks where shops belonging to foreigners had been “mercilessly” looted.

Weighing in on the matter, DPW regional director Mabhuti Gwavu said it was time for men to call each other out and not pretend like that nothing was happening.

“Something is evidently wrong with the men in our society and we should talk to each other about this so that we can avoid such savage attacks on against women.

“We want women to know that we are crying with them because it is also painful to us that you have to live in fear of being victimised and we sympathise with you,” he said.


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