Ramaphosa’s address on gender-based violence: ‘No bail for rapists’

Cebelihle Bhengu

President Cyril Ramaphosa addressed a joint sitting yesterday between the NCOP and members of the National Assembly‚ where he told members about his emergency plan to tackle violence against women and children.

President Cyril Ramaphosa
Image: Themba Hadebe / POOL / AFP

These are seven key quotes from the address:

Many have lost respect

“There are many who have lost respect for the values that define our very essence as Africans — the protection of women‚ children‚ tolerance‚ and the accommodation of difference.”

Patriarchy is to blame

“Our young men and boys are daily exposed to patriarchal attitudes and practices and are often encouraged to prove their masculinity through domination and violence.”

GBV sensitivity to be taught in schools

“A focus will be on men’s groups and formations‚ youth at risks and offenders in prisons. This must be matched with prevention education in schools. Women’s rights and gender power relations will form part of Life Orientation in the school curriculum.”

Training roll-out

“As part of this campaign‚ we are going to provide gender sensitivity training to law-enforcement officials‚ prosecutors‚ magistrates and policymakers and ensure that those who are found in breach of their responsibilities in this regard are held to account.”

More courts to deal with sexual offences

“Funding has already been approved for the establishment of an additional 11 Sexual Offences courts over the next financial year. The department of Justice and Constitutional development is already working on measures to clear the backlog of criminal cases for rape and other forms of gender-based violence.”

No bail for abusers

“Abusers‚ rapists and murderers must know that they will be caught and they will face the consequences of their actions. We affirm our position that the state should oppose bail for suspects charged with rape and murder of women and children. Those who are found guilty should not be eligible for parole. A life sentence must mean just that — life in prison.”

Awareness is needed on alcohol abuse

“Drugs and alcohol abuse fuel the gender-based violence pandemic. The department of social development has been tasked with increasing the visibility of substance abuse awareness and education‚ and prioritising funding for more treatment facilities.”


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