WIP offers an empowering course for women and girls

STAY INPOWERED: Women at last year’s EL WIP course

Given the scourge of concern surrounding the high-levels of gender- based violence that has gripped SA the community over the last few weeks, life-coach and counsellor Kim Hewitt has invited martial arts professionals Mark Grobbelaar and Derek Olsen – sixth dan and fifth dan, respectively – to bring their popular Women INpowered! (WIP) course to East London.

Hewitt is the founder and owner of Success & Colour, an East London-based organisation that provides life-coaching, counselling, facilitation and more.

WIP was first started by Grobbelaar and Alison Botha in 2012.

The idea for the course came about after Botha was attacked in December 1994 in Port Elizabeth. Two men kidnapped her, raped her, disembowelled her and then slashed her throat.

Despite her grievous injuries, Botha survived and went on to write a book and encourage other rape survivors.

Grobbelaar, who read about Botha’s ordeal, reached out and after reaching out to her, and the pair realised the need for a specialised course for women of all ages.

However, WIP was not a full self-defence course, Hewitt said.

“It’s not a full self-defence programme. There are certain moves that are taught to you that you can use in life-threatening situations,” Hewitt said.

“It’s more about emergency moves, awareness and INpowerment.”

According to Grobbelaar, self-defence methods courses were are “reactive” and required hours of practice to master.

“We do have a physical component, which is one technique to one target from one position that is simple yet devastatingly effective no matter your size, strength or athletic ability,” he said.

In addition to the physical component, the course will also include discussions on a number of topics such as effective safety habits.

Hewitt has worked with WIP previously, having organised an East London course for Success & Colour in 2018. last year.

“I was introduced to them about a year-and-a-half ago and brought them to East London. We had a programme here and it was excellent, it was really good.

“Then with what has been going on recently, I decided to call on them again,” she said.

“It’s one of the most worthwhile courses I have done.”

The course is scheduled for October 5, from 10am to 12.30pm, with the venue still to be determined based on numbers. It will run from 10am to 12.30pm.

Entry is R400 per person with a portion of each entry going towards the Masithethe Counselling Centre.

All women and girls aged 12 and over are welcome.

Inquiries: e-mail Hewitt at kim@successandcolour.co.za.


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