Workshop to share sound business tips

Founder of Lwakum Trading, Bhongolwethu Mahlungwana will host a one-day workshop with a twist at the King Williams Town Community Hall on Thursday

With the generous support from the office of the premier, as well as the departments of labour and the department of social development, King William’s Town businessman and founder of Lwakum Trading founder Bhongolwethu Mahlungwana will host a one-day workshop with a twist at the King Williams Town Community Hall on October 10.

The workshop, aimed at providing customer service training and businesses guidance, will be given to those interested in starting their own businesses and will see the attendees receiving certified letters of attendance.

Talking to the GO!, Mahlungwana said: “We will provide customer service training and we have approached some local companies to give first preference to our attendees as we believe our workshop will have equipped them with advice and skills that will prepare them for the workplace. We will also pray for answers in these last remaining months of 2019,” he said.

“The unemployment rate is alarmingly high leaving the youth despondent and downhearted so this event is aimed at motivating those in attendance and reviving their hopes and spirits. The Lord will not forsake us, all we need to do is ask as per Matthew 7:7, is to saying “ask and it will be given to you”.

Mahlungwana indicates there will be representatives giving tips on job-hunting, exercises and presentations. He will also share a few of his own experiences of joys and hardships in his journey as a businessman.

“Owning and managing a business is not as easy as it looks. I registered my company in 2010, but it only started operating in 2016. I have encountered so many challenges along the way and I sometimes wish someone could have armed me with a few guidelines, so that is what I wish to impart at with on this event. We encourage every unemployed person to come with their CV and be part of the workshop.”

Mahlungwana’s story is a classic one of humble beginnings. He says he vividly remembers, playing outside the tiny back-room his mother was given by her employers to live in, in Cathcart Street in King William’s Town.

As fate would have it, years later he is running his small juice factory that supplies more than over 200 stores around the province, from on the same street.

“I believe in the power of positive thinking and working hard because had I not; things could have worked out differently for me. I started my business out of nothing but from the onset my vision was to see my product being sold in supermarkets and now I want to take it to other provinces and beyond the borders.

Starting my business was a mere attempt at making juice a lifestyle and changing the perception that juice is expensive and I’m quite happy with the outcome,”, Mahlungwana said.

He said the level of consumption of fizzy drinks is very high especially around the festive season and most people are not aware that some of the sicknesses they have are the side effects linked to too much consumption of these sugar-sweetened soft drinks.

“I challenged myself to come up with a healthier and more affordable alternative by partnering up with Elvin Group.


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