Pageant aims to give hope in dark times

Buffalo Flats resident Llana King has decided to organise something for the families in her community.

On Saturday November 23, King will host a pageant aimed at young children at Parkside Hall.

Entries for the pageant are free but close on Sunday.

FASHIONISTAS: Some of the children who have already entered got to take part in a photoshoot at Ghosttown Park in Buffalo Flats recently

“This is inspired by the recent happenings in East London where fear has taken over our homes and parents have to keep an even closer eye on our kids,” King said.

The aim of the event is to bring children together, help them build up their confidence and show them that there are still fun things to do in East London.

“You don’t have to fall under the stigma of negative outcomes. Drugs, alcohol and gangsterism are not our final destination,” said King.

The pageant will be judged by a panel of five that will each vote independently.

However, King emphasised that the aim of the event isn’t about who wins or who loses.

“The whole point is for the kids to have fun, for mommies to show off their precious babies and for the community to come out in the name of good clean fun,” she said.

A tuckshop will be available as well as live entertainment.

Tickets are R30 per person.

For more information, contact King at 074-287-2700.


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