Soccer star urges learners to focus on studies


Former Kaizer Chiefs player Marks Maponyane was the guest speaker at the recent Examinations Service Prayer held at the Ark Christian Centre in King William’s Town.

DON’T GIVE UP: Marks Maponyane.

More than 1,000 community members packed into the hall to express support and give advice to learners currently working through their final exams.

Maponyane encouraged learners to stay focused on their studies and said that it was important to maintain proper discipline when working.

“Don’t make excuses before you try or you will fail. I’m not coming from a rich family, I know very well what it means to struggle.

“I can’t believe the change that my life has undergone because I didn’t take shortcuts,” he said.

“Do not think that you have ever arrived and this is the end of your opportunities. The devil is looking for all of us and so we must be busy as bees fighting for our opportunities.”

Maponyane said learners must avoid blaming those around them for their own mistakes and that they had to want to change in order to grow as people.

“Don’t complain but always do things patiently and professionally. Never turn to drugs or liquor and never associate with thugs.

“You must have a dream and a vision. I woke up at 5am every morning to prepare for school and took this discipline with me when training with the Kaizer Chiefs.

“You must not think your life is easy and you must stay committed. Don’t give up and you will get the things you want in life,” he said.


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