Mystery boat still stranded months later

STILL STRANDED: The Sea-Queen remains stranded at Sunrise-on-Sea two months after it first washed ashore

A mysterious boat which washed up at Sunrise-on-Sea in November is still stranded on the beach two months later.

The GO! & Express previously reported that the red Stingray inflatable, named Sea-Queen, washed up on the beach last year where it has lain ever since.

According to an anonymous resident, attempts to retrieve the boat led to the destruction of large parts of the board-walk, although this has since been repaired.

The boat, however, continues to fall apart. When the GO! First arrived, it noted that a number of parts had been stripped off by looters.

On the second visit, the boat was in an even worse condition. Not only had more pieces been removed, but the central tower had been completely ripped off and was left standing next to the boat.

Some residents allege that the boat belongs to the department of environmental affairs although the GO! Was unable to obtain a comment from department spokesperson Albi Modise.


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