Rower pumped for next weekend’s Buffalo Regatta

SILVER SKULLS: Thebelo Masutha, front, is all geared up for the annual RMB Buffalo Regatta. Picture: BRUCE VIAENE

Preparations for the annual RMB Buffalo Regatta 2020 are under way, with the big water
event taking place at the Buffalo River from February 13 to 15. Silver Skulls 2019 winner Thebelo Masutha will be at the regatta this year with the goal of defending his title.

Masutha is a member of the senior RMB national rowing squad which won the Sliver Skulls trophy last year in the high competitive senior A single skulls race. Masutha took his first strokes for St Albans College Rowing Club at their annual rowing camp in 2012. His mother
encouraged him to sign up for the camp as an opportunity to make new friends, but little did she know that her son would soon represent his country.

“I achieved my national colours through pure determination and grit. Every
day I wake up to be the best in every way possible, from setting a new world 2,000m record to the ultimate dream of an Olympic gold, accompanied by an Olympic best time,” he said.

“I believe in taking every opportunity to better myself on the journey to become the best.”
Masutha is no stranger to the Buffalo Rregatta, having won 10 gold medals since his first entry as an U14.


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