Three more test positive for Covid-19 at Durban old age home

The Bill Buchanan Association for the Aged in Morningside has been in a state of panic after an 81-year-old woman who was at the facility tested positive for Covid-19.
Image: Yasantha Naidoo

Three more residents of a Durban old-age home have tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total to five.

Dudley Fortune of the Bill Buchanan Association for the Aged in Morningside told TimesLIVE on Tuesday that four of the five residents in isolation had the virus.

Among them is one of the women who tested positive a week ago.

“Staff members were sent home after being notified on Wednesday to self-isolate. They are being monitored by the department of health and are being tested,” Fortune said.

The home had been left reeling a week ago when an 81-year-old, who was recuperating at the facility for four days, tested positive for Covid-19. The woman is now on a ventilator in St Augustine’s Hospital.

The resident, who had shared the sick bay with the 81-year-old and also tested positive, is back in the home after being admitted to Addington Hospital.

Fortune said the infected residents were walking around and “doing well” within their isolation unit.




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