Helping the youth cope emotionally

Resident providing safe space for all to share

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Phumelela Maphuma started Reign of Prosperity to help the youth in her community Picture: SUPPLIED

Peddie-born Phumelela Maphuma founded Reign of Prosperity in 2019 to help create a safe environment for the youth to converse and grow in.

“I grew up not knowing who to talk to about important topics, which prevented me from sharing my struggles or challenges with anyone.

“I finally met a lady in 2018 who I was able to confide in, and I felt so relieved,” she said.

It was this encounter that prompted her to start the organisation in 2019, which is geared towards giving emotional support to the youth.

“At times, when sharing to a friend or a relative I would feel like they don’t understand me.

“I know how it affects a child’s development, ability and self-esteem,” Maphuma said.

Reign of Prosperity focuses on a broad range of community outreach programmes that include visiting youth centres and schools to provide motivational talks and offer peer counselling for children.

“I don’t have age restrictions for who we assist because everyone has different needs and struggles but mostly we target the youth, who I believe are more available online.

“We work with different organisations that focus on different outreach programmes like feeding the homeless,” Maphuma said.

On the agenda at the moment is a toiletry drive, which Maphuma said would focus on five primary and secondary school pupils from less fortunate families.

“There is also a ‘Meal for the Homeless’ campaign, where the homeless are to be fed at a local park, because we need them to feel comfortable,” she said.

Maphuma said her grandmother, who she called a “prayer warrior”, inspired her most.

“I believe that there’s still hope for a better tomorrow and with each effort put in, a positive result will be yielded.

“We might not be able to reach out to everyone but we will do our best to touch as many lives as we possibly can.”


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