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Hampers for newborns bring both joy and relief

LENDING A HAND: Welcome To The World’s Klaus and Jenny Rodemann and Frere Hospital’s Zukiswa Lwana with hampers for new mom’s and their babies Picture: SUPPLIED

East London retirees Klaus and Jenny Rodemann are doing their bit to help new mothers at Frere Hospital maternity ward by providing them with baby hampers.

“We heard that some babies leave the hospital without certain basic items and it’s very important that they have these.

“I then had the idea to start making these packs to help the children and their parents out,” Jenny said.

The couple have visited the hospital six times so far with hampers, since starting with their Welcome To The World project, which forms part of the non-governmental organisation (NGO) It’s All About Image.

“To see the happiness on these mothers’ faces, the delight and how their faces brighten up, is priceless,” Jenny said.

The baby hampers consist of:

*10 nappies


* Va s e l i n e

*A toy

*Five pieces of clothing

Frere Hospital’s area manager in obstetrics and gynaecology, Zukiswa Lwana, said the project had a lasting impact on the lives of the new mothers.

“They [the Rodemanns] are like Santa Claus when they arrive and I always smile as if I’m the one on the receiving end.

“On behalf of Frere Hospital, we thank them very much,” Lwana said.

Jenny added that there had been requests from other charities and NGOs to provide much-needed assistance where possible.

“We also receive pre-loved clothes, as well as toys as donations.

“You can contact us on 083324-5032 or join our Facebook group, It’s All About Image,” she said.


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