Trio organise relief fund for the Zwelitsha community

Zwelitsha-born trio Bongolethu Mduba, Buzwe Lindi and Xolani Mnyaka have taken it upon themselves to assist their community during the Covid-19 pandemic by setting up a relief fund.

The Zwelitsha Relief Fund was launched last Friday, and the three are trying their best to ensure its success.

Lindi, inspired to start the fund after seeing a donation drive on TV, got in touch with Mduba to determine if the Zwelitsha community had any relief programme in place.

“I wanted to donate a little something if there was anything happening,” Lindi said

“I approached Mduba because I noted he’s involved in the local swimming programme.”

Mduba further developed Lindi’s idea and challenged his friends to assist.

“I have consulted with some of the community and the ward councillor to identify families in need,” Mduba said.

“The community is most welcome to volunteer and I wish for them to take part. “We are open to suggestions and would like to work with others to create a synergy.”

Mnyaka previously accompanied a government group to deliver food parcels, where he saw first-hand the dire need for help.

“I was immediately taken by this idea [the fund] as there are a lot of semi-skilled and informal workers who operate on a ‘no work, no p ay ’ basis, and have no access to UIF,” he said.

“There’s a need for food and toiletries.”

An immediate concern the trio encountered was the fear of corruption and funds not being directed for their purpose. The trio have agreed to disclose progress on a continual basis and promote transparency.

Lindi said: “We don’t want to find ourselves being subject to fraud or corruption, and we were clear that this is a big risk we’re taking.

“Transparency is a non-negotiable.”

Donations can be made to an account opened at Weir’s Cash and Carry in King William’s Town.

Account Name: Masscash (Pty) Ltd t/a CCW Wholesalers Customer Direct Deposit Account

Account Number: 40-5844-9931

Branch: ABSA Pinetown

Branch Code: 632005

Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ

Ref: Zwelitsha Covid 19 0072421

To send proof of payment or for inquiries, contact Mduba on 082-663-7050, Lindi on 072177-9850 or Mnyaka on 073-447-0854, or visit the Zwelitsha Relief Fund Facebook page.


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