Ladies sew masks for Morgan Bay

Last week, the GO! & Express covered an inspiring story of a Morgan Bay resident who managed to raise over R60,000 for the less fortunate members of the community.

However, Terry Gillham isn’t the only one doing good at Morgan Bay.

One group of enterprising women, known as the Morgan Bay Ladies, have decided to put their talents to use by sewing face masks for residents.

The project started last month, and has so far managed to produce roughly 1,200 masks.

“We thought that we would do something because when everyone comes out of lockdown, how are we going to get everyone back to work?” said one of the women involved, who asked to remain anonymous.

At first, the group of ten women sewed masks just for family and friends.

“Then we realised that there was a greater need so we started sewing for the entire village and then the project just got bigger,” she said.

Masks were also made for the nearby township, with 980 being handed over on Thursday April 30.

Morgan Bay wasn’t the only area to benefit from the efforts of these tireless ladies.

“We sewed masks fro a few of the nurses in the triage section at Medicross EL and then we also sewed for some of our friends in Kei Mouth,” the woman said.

Even though their area is now well-supplied, the Morgan Bay Ladies are still going, and are selling extra masks to Morgan Bay residents for R25 each. All funds go towards the fund set up by the Morgan Bay Ratepayers Association to buy food parcels for those in need in the area.

The woman advised others to focus on their local communities and to try and help those close to them.

“I find people are more willing to help in their own areas. Rather go local than try and travel to and fro,” she said.

For those who are looking to assist, she said cash donations would be best since it would allow them to purchase material and contribute to the food parcel project.

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