Resident’s ‘exercise’ to help needy during this time raises R100k

Earlier this month, the GO! & Express reported on Morgan Bay resident Terry Gillham’s fundraiser which managed to bring in more than R60,000.

Since then, the amount of money raised has passed the R100,000 mark.

“I have to say, when I first started this fundraiser, I thought I’d only make about R5,000 or R10,000,” Gillham said.

“If I made R10,000, I’d be doing extremely well.”

As previously reported, Gillham’s fundraiser came about while he explored ways to exercise during the lockdown.

“At the commencement of the lockdown, with us not being able to get down to the beaches, we figured we’d do some exercise,” Gillham said.

“We normally run on the beaches and across the cliffs, but since we’re under lockdown, we decided to run up and down our driveway.”

He started slow, with just 15 laps a day, but within a week he said he was able to do 25 laps without stopping.

“It eventually dawned on me that I should try doing something more to raise funds for the community,” he said.

The money he raised has gone towards a fund set up by the Morgan Bay Ratepayers Association, which is dedicated to helping community members who are struggling during the lockdown.

Many donors said the lack of “middle-men” in the donation process went a long way to gaining their trust, he said.

“People felt very comfortable knowing there was no middle-man, no politician, no commission that was getting paid,” he said.

While Gillham’s fundraiser may be over, the Ratepayers Association is still looking for funds to help residents.

Contact fundraising.


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