SPCAs need your help

The East London and King William’s Town SPCAs are both struggling as the ongoing lockdown places them under increasing strain.

ANIMAL ALLY: EL SCPA management committee treasurer Sonia Slabbert has called on the public to donate money and supplies

“We’ve taken a huge dip,” said KWT volunteer senior inspector Annette Rademeyer.

The KWT and EL SPCAs were meant to have been paid by BCM for running the city pounds, but to date no money has been received, she said.

EL SCPA management committee treasurer Sonia Slabbert said adding to their financial woes was the fact that they had to shut both their clinic and the SPCA charity shop in Vincent.

“The clinic and the shop are basically our two biggest sources of income, along with public donations,” she said.

Not being able to organise adoptions has also created problems for both SPCAs.

“Animals keep coming in, but there’s no way for them to go out,” Slabbert said.

In addition, both SPCAs have seen a sharp increase in people abandoning pets or not paying for services.

“What we have found is that we’re getting a lot of people who are bringing their animals in for treatment,” said Rademeyer.

“They want treatment, which is fine. We do help with that, but they can’t pay.”

Slabbert said this problem was due to the lockdown, which has hit everyone pretty hard.

“More and more people have lost their jobs, they’ve run out of money and now they are surrendering their animals,” she said.

Both Rademeyer and Slabbert called on members of the public to donate to help their local SPCA through these tough times.

“Not just money-wise, but also adopt if you’re able, support any initiatives we put on social media and support our shops,” Slabbert said.

Both SPCAs have a Facebook page where people can find more information.

To contact the EL SPCA, call Slabbert on 081-564-2175 or email gm@elspca.org.za.

The KWT SPCA can be reached at 043-643-6008 or kwtspca@sainet.co.za.


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