DWS warns all to keep rivers clean

The department of water and sanitation (DWS) is calling on both community members and government officials to not forget the importance of protecting their rivers during the national lockdown.

“The good state of our rivers, streams and wetlands are still vital and are critical to ensure water security and good water quality for SA,” the department said recently.

According to DWS, preventing pollution is an important step in ensuring the constitutional right to clean water.

“Government has acknowledged that access to water for everyone has not yet been achieved as there are still people in villages who draw water from rivers for immediate human consumption.

“If we do not take a stand to make a difference in our community and follow the good example laid by our forebears such as Nelson Mandela, our future will be doomed even before it actually begins.

“For us to have clean water and reap the benefits of having quality water coming out of our taps, it begins with each one of us by changing our behaviour.”

To help promote the need for anti-pollution efforts, the department recently launched the Clean Rivers campaign, which aims to engage with local communities and create awareness about protecting water sources.


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