Clarendon to host art auction

Clarendon High School for Girls will be hosting a special art auction from Wednesday October 21 to Wednesday November 4.

The auction will be raising money for students who experience barriers to their learning.

“What that means is any learner that faces a barrier – whether it be academically, cognitively, socially, emotionally or any other sort of barrier to education – we’d like to give them the access that they need in order for them to have the same education as every other learner,” said project manager Claire Farrell.

Farrell said that Clarendon already had some steps in place for learners who experience certain cognitive barriers.

“They get assessed and they get permission from the department [of basic education] in order to have concessions,” she said.

These include extra time, readers and scribes.

“There’s software that we’ve just purchased that reads papers electronically to students,” Farrell said.

The auction will feature artwork donated by students as well as pieces from popular East London artists such as Gary Klinkradt, Jennifer Rowland and Marleene Neumann.

The auction will be run mostly online, via a website that will go live on Friday October 19.

“On that website will be each of the pieces. You can have a read about the artists, about the arwork itself, what inspired them to make it and also bid virtually,” said Farrell.

However, a live viewing will also be held on October 22 at the Clarendon hockey fields. There will be no entry fee.

“It’s difficult to bid on something you haven’t seen,” she said.

For more information and to find the link for the website when it goes live, visit the Clarendon High School Facebook page.



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