Calling all aspiring performers

The Sonwa Sakuba Institute for the Performing Arts is offering three-year professional training programmes to aspiring performers in the Eastern Cape.

STARS IN THE MAKING: Sonwa Sakuba, founder of the Sonwa Sakuba Institute for Performing Arts

Applicants can choose to study in dance, drama or music.

“These programmes are designed for students who are looking to pursue performing arts professionally, whether it’s nationally or internationally,” said founder and artistic director Sonwa Sakuba.

“Depending on what stream the student goes into, whether it’s dance, music or drama, we focus on the specific things that are required within each specific industry.”

To apply, first go to the Sonwa Sakuba Institute website.

“There’s an online application that is done there and then we get back to you with regards to what you must prepare for the audition,” Sakuba said.

There is no entry fee and the auditions are free as well.

“The minimum age [for applicants] is 17 and you don’t need a matric certificate to be accepted,” he said.

Each stream is a three-year programme, and the institute also offers bursaries.

“Applications close on November 12 but for Eastern Cape students, we are looking at opening it right until the day of the audition so it’s actually pretty open for students from the Eastern Cape,” said Sakuba.

For more information, visit the institute’s website, phone 063-427-9069 or email


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