Stay safe while out shopping

The festive shopping season is here and in addition to the necessary health and safety precautions neccessitated by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, shoppers will also need to be on their guard against the increase in theft, shoplifting and similar crimes that usually follows this time of year.

“With the festive season approaching, shopping centres will be busy regardless of the negative effects of Covid-19 on the economy and consumers’ pockets,” said Fidelity Services Group head of marketing and communications Charnel Hattingh.

According to Hattingh, shopping centres are an especially tempting target for criminals for a number of reasons.

For one, the large crowds that fill these centres, especially during the festive season, are an advantage to criminals since it makes it easy for them to blend in and escape detection.

People are also often distracted while they shop, and sometimes don’t notice that they’ve been robbed until it is too late.

Parking lots also provide plenty of opportunities for would-be thieves, whether its to case a potential victim or secretly jam the locks of cars to gain access to their contents.

Hattingh urged shoppers to be careful when out and about.

“Remain on guard at all times while shopping, be aware of who is around you and especially keep your children and valuables safe,” she said.


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