Action plan to assist crime prevention in schools

In order to promote crime prevention in South African schools, the Safer South Africa Foundation (SSAF) recently launched the Youth4SaferSouthAfrica initiative in seven provinces, including the Eastern Cape.

The initiative is part of their Criminal Justice Programme (CJP) and is being run in partnership with the Training Firm (TTF).

Youth4SaferSouthAfrica offers a number of training courses that focus on leadership, public speaking and speechcraft. The programme is based on Zoom to help reach learners in rural areas.

At the time of writing, over 70 schools were involved, with over 5,000 learners taking part. So far, 175 learners have completed the 11-session programme.

According to SSF CEO Riah Phiyega, they will be running their training workshops until December 12 with an inter-provincial virtual debate capping it all off.

Phiyega said a diverse selection of topics are debated during the programme, such as substance abuse, gender-based violence and bullying.

“We believe that children are citizens too and they have a role to play in the fight against crime. With this debate, we will be able to explore the creative ideas the learners have to fight crime and come with new innovative crime prevention methods,” he said.


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