New platform aims to revolutionise online payments

A newly released digital platform is promising to revolutionise the way South Africans pay for products and services by allowing them to do it without first needing a bank account or card.

digiToken, developed by AfriNova Digital, provides a way for usesr to pay for all sorts of things from clothing and furniture to municipal accounts and prepaid electricity.

At the time of writing, it boasts over 200 products that can be bought.

“This is the perfect solution, creating convenience as people do not need to leave their homes to pay for monthly accounts like DSTv, bank loans and funeral cover; buy airtime or electricity, which many still find very prevalent with the South African market, particularly in the townships and surrounding areas,” said AfriNova co-founder Xolisa Vuza.

Vuza said that digiToken would go a long way to boosting township economies.

The platform uses a smart wallet system called digiWallet which is what allows customers to make transactions. Vuza said there were also plans in place to allow digiToken customers to transfer money to friends and family members as well.

In addition to convenience, it also helps users to avoid the usual fees that come with normal online transactions.

Vuza said that digiToken could also help create jobs by giving entrepreneurs an easy platform to sell their products directly to customers.

“Anyone who wants to sell digiToken products and services does not need to buy any infrastructure like printers, but they can start to operate sooner and without any hassle,” he said.

digiToken can be accessed on your web browser at or via their phone app which is available for both Android and iOS.


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