Heavy rain and thunderstorms expected in Northern and Eastern Cape as ‘tropical low’ hits

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in the Northern and Eastern Cape.
Image: 123RF/Surut Wattanamaetee

Parts of the Northern and Eastern Cape will from Monday experience “significant” rainfall accompanied by severe thunderstorms brought on by a “tropical low”.

Forecaster Vanetia Phakula said the tropical low would be moving from Namibia to the eastern parts of the Northern Cape and the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape.

“We are expecting between 30mm to 50mm of rain in the Northern Cape from Monday. On Tuesday, it will affect the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape,” Phakula said.

“We are seeing thunderstorms but we are expecting more heavy rains.”

A tropical low, according to Phakula, is moisture that comes from the tropics in the form of a low.

“When we talk of a low, it always brings rain. A high involves dry conditions.”

The tropical low, she said, would move away on Tuesday.



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