BREAKING | Police seek missing driver after East London N2 crash leaves 1 dead

Dispatch Live

East London police are searching for the driver of a red Toyota Camry who allegedly fled the scene after an accident that claimed a life of a fellow motorist.

The accident took place on the N2 near Cambridge in East London shortly after 11am on Wednesday morning.

When DispatchLIVE arrived the body of the man, whose identity cannot be released as the next of kin have not yet been informed, was covered.

A paramedic, who wanted to remain anonymous, confirmed that the deceased was the driver of the other vehicle.

A traffic officer was heard making a call giving details of the car to a call, to check the owner. Both cars were driving from the East London direction.

This is a developing story.

Police at the scene after an accident on the N2 in East London left one driver. The driver of the red car allegedly fled the scene.  Image: Sino Majangaza


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