Classical musicians help raise funds for Salem Baby Care Centre

The DEVO Chamber Orchestra recently held a concert at Stirling High School in support of Salem Baby Care Centre.

MAGICAL EVENING: The DEVO Chamber Orchestra held an evening of classical music in support of Salem Baby Care Centre

Magical Mozart saw many talented musicians come together to perform music from the classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

The concert marked the second meeting of the orchestra since its inception in 2018.

Anthony Drake is the executive director of Cathcart-based non-profit organisation Incopho Development Project and was a featured soloist during the concert, performing the second movement of Mozart’s clarinet concerto.

Other soloists at the concert included Stirling High School teacher Jacques Du Plessis, who founded the chamber orchestra. Du Plessis performed the second movement of Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major K. 467.

He also took part in a duet with Hudson Park head of music Nathan Johanissen with the pair performing Piano Sonata in B Flat Major K. 358.

Leoni Johl performed the solo aria Voi Che Sapete from the Marriage of Figaro, Angela Kobus performed the first movement of the Flute Concerto in D Major K. 314 and Piet Swanepoel performed a solo violin piece in a string arrangement of Ave Verum K. 618.

DEVO Chamber Orchestra is made up of East London musicians and teachers. For more information, visit the DEVO Chamber Orchestra Facebook page.


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