Community asked to help find missing dog

Cambridge couple Tish and John Goodrich are still searching for their missing dog, who escaped from their yard on January 18.

HAVE YOU SEEN ME: Goodrich family dog Maggie has been missing since January

“She likes to dig, usually she just digs out mole heaps,” said Tish Goodrich.

“John was weeding so maybe it was an exciting thing for her, and she dug under where the fence was even though it’s reinforced.”

Maggie is a long-haired sausage dog and was not wearing a collar when she escaped.

The couple have appealed to the community for help, and say the response has been overwhelming.

In addition to regularly posting on Tish’s Facebook page, they also operate a WhatsApp group called ‘Maggie’s Angels’ where members can share updates and information on the ongoing search.

“The other night, we got a call that we were quite nervous about,” Goodrich said.

“We got a phone call from a gent saying he’d seen Maggie being herded into the bush, which we didn’t believe because trying to herd Maggie would be like trying to herd cats.

“We got into the car and left, but we let the [WhatsApp] group know. Because we were keeping the group updated, we had people driving in from Beacon Bay and Sunnyridge just to come and wait with us.”

Volunteers have also pitched in to contribute towards a cash reward, which currently stands at R5,000.

Goodrich has urged anyone with information to please get in contact with them.

“For us, she’s not just a dog, she’s like a child to us,” she said.

To find out more information, visit Tish Goodrich’s Facebook page or WhatsApp her at 081-512-3970.


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