Girl receives buggy to assist mobility

THE RIGHT MOVE: Anja receives her buggy donated by the Page Group. Pictured from left are Anja’s father, J.P. van der Westhuizen, Eleanor Saayman (Canaan Care Centres), Michelle Perks (physiotherapist), PNA Mascot and Penny Smith representing The Page Group. Picture supplied.

“Disabled children are equally entitled to an exciting and brilliant future.

We must see to it that we remove the obstacles to events like this, whether they stem from poor access to facilities; poor education; lack of transport; lack of funding; or unavailability of equipment such as children’s wheel-chairs.

Only then will the rights of the disabled to equal opportunities become a reality.”

These words formed part of the address delivered on behalf of Nelson Mandela by Jay Naidoo, Minister in the Office of the President, at the opening of the First Annual South African Junior Wheelchair Sports Camp in 1994.

It was in this shared spirit of humanity that The Page Group donated a buggy to 3-year-old Anja van der Westhuizen.

Manufactured by Shonaquip, the buggy has given to Van der Westhuizen to mark Human Rights Day last week.


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