Weekend load-shedding ahead‚ but reprieve later on Friday due to parliament

A parliamentary appeal has led to Eskom suspending load-shedding this afternoon, but it will resume from 5pm and into the weekend. File photo.
Image: Esa Alexander

Big business has agreed to cut its electricity usage to allow Eskom to keep the power on for parliamentarians on Friday afternoon.

Eskom said it had received a request from Lechesa Tsenoli‚ the deputy speaker of parliament‚ to suspend the enforced power cuts that have been implemented in SA this week.

This is to allow for a virtual sitting of parliament to pass a series of Appropriation Bills. “Passing these Bills is essential to keeping government operating‚ as without the relevant appropriations‚ there will be no funding for key state functions‚ such as hospitals‚ law enforcement and other essential services.”

Stage 2 load-shedding‚ as a result‚ will be suspended from 12 noon to 5pm.

“The suspension of load-shedding has been made possible by large industrial power consumers in SA who have agreed to reduce their consumption for this period to support the country‚” said the power utility.

“Eskom will also be required to use some emergency reserves during this period‚ depleting some of the gains made over the past few days.”

To replenish these reserves and prepare for the week ahead‚ Eskom said stage 2 load-shedding would resume at 5pm on Friday and continue until 10pm on Sunday.

While apologising for the inconvenience and uncertainty caused by these interruptions in electricity supply‚ Eskom said the system was still vulnerable.

“All South Africans are urged to reduce their use of electricity in the national interest‚ particularly between 12pm and 5pm on Friday‚ and over the weekend.”



Source: ARENA Holdings.


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