Lack of services in Cambridge

DAILY PLIGHT: Residents air their grievances at a community meeting. Pictures: SUPPLIED

Frustrated residents from ward 4’s Cambridge and Cambridge extension held a community meeting with ward councilor Lemarc Stewart on October 26.

Their main concerns raised at the meeting included a lack of electricity in the area, pothole-ridden roads, and overgrown bushy areas that were not maintained.

The community members said the lack of bush-clearing services had contributed to an increase in crime in the area.

Desperate Cambridge residents said they were suffering as they did not have an electricity supply in the area.

Responding to residents’ concerns, Stewart said he was working with the roads department to hasten the rehabilitation of the roads, however, his office had been told the budget available was limited.

He said Buffalo City Municipality was in the process of securing a bush-clearing contract with a service provider.

BCM had also confirmed a feasibility study would be done regarding the installation of electrical services in Cambridge, but could not provide a date as to when this would happen.

“Everything has been reported. It’s now just a matter of hearing back from BCM,” Stewart said.


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