Buffalo City to host world waveski event

On November 9, SA won the bid to host the 2024 World Waveski Surfing Titles (WWST) in Buffalo City.

Voting took place in Ventura in the US, at the bi-annual World Waveski Surfing Association AGM.

The event will be hosted in July during the season’s first spring tides.

East London is known for its right-hand point break at Nahoon Reef – considered the best waveski wave in the world.

SA’s organising team hope to provide a platform for all ages to shine.

Team manager for the SA side, Trystan Viaene, said: “By bringing this event to Nahoon Reef, we are breaking the tradition that only America may host the event.

“We plan to give waveski surfers from around the world a powerful platform to display their skills and talents.

“With 18 months to plan this event, I hope to generate a sense of togetherness and inspire our community to collectively leave our mark in East London and Nahoon Reef.”

The South African Waveski Surfing Association is also set to host a prologue Cup two weeks before 2024’s world event.

It will start in Cape Town, then move to Cape St Francis or Port Alfred, and end in East London for the main contest.

“We hope to stimulate tourism in South Africa by starting the Cup in the Western Cape two weeks before the WWST, with the second event in the Eastern Cape, one week before the start of the WWST 2024,” Viaene said.

“There are many dreams in the pipeline with regards to environmental and infrastructure projects that will be implemented through this event which will have a truly lasting effect on the tourism of East London.

“Our city deserves to shine, and by roping in stakeholders within the EL community, I believe we can truly make a lasting difference,” he said.

Entries for the world event close in September 2023.


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